Redesign using CSS in JS

Website redesign using CSS in JS


Redesign using CSS in JS

I am redesigning the website to organize projects and learning CSS in JS.

The goal is to start building with CSS in JS techniques. It's the only way to create secure react apps.

The problem originated with web browser updates for Content Security Policy 3.

The first phase is research. The best way to start the journey is to discover the options. What are the available options? There are three options: styled-components, Emotion, and Styled-JSX. The fun part is exploring the possibilities.

The second phase is design. This time to be perfect. How long does it take? What are the roadblocks?

Advanced Tailwindcss supports CSS-in-JS and POST-CSS.

More coming soon.\n

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Redesign using CSS in JS Post

Website redesign using CSS in JS

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