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Google Search Console

Every business needs to build an online presence. I use Google Search Console to drive web traffic.

How does my business compare to my competitors? My search reports tell me the general answer.

I use the dates filter sorted by clicks. On my best day, my average position was 3.8. Super stroked.

Why do I look at two reports using the exact date and geo-filter? I have clones of the same webstore. So, I sell similar product variations with different checkout experiences.

Another insight is comparing the two webstore clones. The clicks have decreased from webstore clone left and increased from webstore clone right. The marketing strategy from webstore clone right is winning.

I will build you a webstore clone for your business. The key benefit is to have multiple opportunities to reach your audience—an Original SEO Strategy by Jung.

Locations of the Apple Store inspired this SEO strategy. I noticed Apple built its stores at intersections. So there are multiple opportunities.

A bad marketing strategy is reaching your audience once.

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