Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Every business out there knows the importance of establishing a solid online presence these days. First comes organic search, before paid ads. Google Search Console provides insight on how your website ranks.

Your search ranking is performance. If your marketing ideas work, it’s a feeling a sense of satisfaction. Any rating in the top 5 works for me.

Let’s review the photo, seeing their average position at 3.8, indicating that they are doing well in terms of their performance metrics. This gives them a feeling of accomplishment and motivation to continue working towards their goals.


Now, you might wonder why I bother looking at two reports with the same date and a geo-filter. We are looking our webstore, It’s clone your business. The webstore clones sell similar product variations but offer different checkout experiences. So, by comparing the performance of these two clones, I can gather some interesting insights. It turns out that the clicks have decreased on the webstore clone on the left, but they've increased on the webstore clone on the right. Clearly, the marketing strategy on the right clone is winning the game.

Here's the exciting part: I can create a webstore clone for your business too! The major advantage of having multiple clones is that it opens up numerous opportunities to reach your target audience. It's what I like to call an Original SEO Strategy by yours truly, Jung.

You know what inspired me to develop this strategy? The Apple Store locations. I noticed that Apple strategically places its stores at intersections, creating multiple chances for people to stumble upon them. And that got me thinking—why settle for reaching your audience just once when you can have multiple shots at it?