Enhanced Google Analytics

Enhanced Google Analytics UA

I have been using Google Analytics since way b. It's an awesome tool that helps you collect anonymous data about your website. And the best part? It tells you a story about how your online business is doing!


My pick is the enhanced ecommerce feature for my webstore to track conversions. With enhanced e-commerce features, I'm able to pass product data during checkout. And guess what? My webstore almost hit 700K in revenue with 86K users in just one year!

But let me tell you, it’s always a struggle. Reaching the first milestone of 10K users was tough, but the real game-changer was hitting 86K in monthly revenue. Analytics can give you sense of satfaction and accompishment, because it’s true.

Also, it's not just about looking at numbers. Customer service calls were actually the most critical feedback and most rewarding for me. It's important to listen to your customers and make changes to your products variations and checkout immediately. Nothing is better than getting a call from a customer wanting help placing an order.

Remember, the key to increasing conversion rates is having repeat customers and providing the best customer service possible. So, keep working hard and using tools like Google Analytics to help you achieve your goals!