Welcome to my adventure

I am a customer centric engineer and full-stack developer with a recent passion for e-commerce (3 years) with relevant advertising technology and customer support/service experience (10+ years).

I love hiking waterfalls, snorkeling, and cooking for others. I dream about going deep sea fishing in clear waters during sunrise. Unreel, out of this world experience.

I prefer doing it yourself. I like fixing my mountain bike as much as riding too fast. It gives me confidence to face the problem coming ahead, knowing how everything works and breaks. It’s better to be prepared and bring spare parts.

That's a concept of full-circle, and what I have learned from my AdTech career. How ads are tracked between demand and supply partners. I worked for publishers, ad-servers, ad-exchanges, and advertisers. It was way back, when advertisements enable the free highway of information.

Today, I work things video steaming apps and e-commerce stores

Present Work

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    Imagine Replay
    Content Engineer
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